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Brillant Card Holder Rodéo Calf Tourterelle I Palladium

in Rodéo Calf

¥ 5,100

  • Black
  • Vegetal
  • Tender Beige
  • Tourterelle I
  • Dimensions

  • 12 / 2 / 7.5 cm


  • Rodéo Calf粒纹小牛皮
  • Rodéo Calf小牛皮内衬
  • 2个主隔层
  • 1个中间窄隔层
  • 银色金属配饰和按扣

这款经典风格卡包以Rodéo Calf小牛皮精制而成,饰面呈大象灰色,设有内置隔层,可轻松收纳卡片、票据和硬币。银色配饰包括Brillant系列经典马蹄形扣饰。


Your Delvaux is made of the highest quality Rodéo Calf leather, sourced from France and Switzerland. It has been selected and crafted with great care by our master craftsmen working in our workshops in Belgium and France.

View our Rodéo Calf care guide

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