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The Art of Craft

Delvaux’s history of savoir-faire, the art of craft and expertise, is as essential to the Maison as the invention of the handbag. Four exceptional techniques embody the highest standard of tactile prowess. The Illusion Jacquard, Toile de Cuir, Arsenal Leather and Osier, each distinctive and textural, tie tradition to modernity.

An Exceptional Canvas

Toile de Cuir, Delvaux's signature technique is crafted by weaving delicate leather laces together to create a formidable leather canvas. Arriving for Spring in three rich neutrals on the versatile Pin Swing, it showcases a subtle D monogram.

Dream Weaver

The Illusion Jacquard harnesses the power of a centuries old weaving to create timeless, lightweight silhouettes. Jacquard, the technique of Flemish tapestries by which a motif is woven into the fabric, is applied to Delvaux’s most emblematic silhouettes. The Brillant, Pin and Tempête styles are crafted from a blend of leather and canvas woven with the letter D.

A Tisket, a Tasket

The first breath of spring air, a breeze to signal the season in which nothing seems impossible. An exceptional basket to bask in the summer sun, to wander and play, the Pin Mini Bucket Osier is crafted from willow grown exclusively in the magnificent Loire Valley, the Garden of France, to reflect a spirit of lightness and joy.

From the Arsenal

Named after Delvaux’s Belgian headquarters, the Arsenal Leather is distinguished by its unique airy texture. Each bag is made up of delicate D-shaped tiles of hand-stitched leather to create a malleable effect that gives each bag, whether the Brillant or the Pin Mini Bucket, a sense of volume and supple movement.

The common thread of all Delvaux's designs is a commitment to world class handcraft. The Illusion Jacquard, Toile de Cuir, Arsenal Leather and Osier are beautifully woven with care and expertise held to the highest standard.

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