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La Maison and legendary designer JEANCOLONNA join forces to reimagine one of Delvaux's most emblematic designs, the Brillant. The result is the L'XXL, a bag of oversized dimension and extreme suppleness, that challenges the rigurous structure notions of the Brillant, while remaining loyal to Delvaux's signature codes.

    It's all in the details

    Smooth and sophisticated Dream Calf leather was used to create a sensually voluminous body. Cloud-like to the touch, our Dream Calf leather is also wrapped around the Brillant's signature D-shaped buckle. Finished with black matte metal hardware, and a removable pouch, as well as a pair of generous leather handles, the L'XXL has been crafted with great attention for detail.

    Camouflage made to stand out

    It's oversized yet sophisticated dimensions perfectly complement its signature horseshoe-shaped buckle. For the first time, Delvaux fuses a modern camouflage pattern with its exquisite Dream Calf leather. Also available in la Maison's historical shades Black and Vegetal, the lining is made up in a timeless striped canvas evocative of JEANCOLONNA's home, Marseille, making for a travel companion that feels as adventurous as it looks.

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    Generous dimensions

    With its supple touch and generous dimensions, the L'XXL was made to fit any lifestyle. A testament to la Maison's pioneer spirit, the L'XXL adapts itself seamlessly to whoever choses to wear it. It is a bag for endless purpose and possibility.

    The reinvention of a Maison emblem

    La Maison is in perpetual forward movement. JEANCOLONNA, who is known for his iconoclastic collections of the 1990s and his avant-garde approach to fashion, helped Delvaux transform one of its hero designs into a modern classic. The proportion and construction of this new iteration are a source of playful surprise.