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Care Instructions

Your Delvaux is made of the highest quality Silky Calf leather, sourced from France or Switzerland. It has been selected and crafted with great care by our master craftsmen working in our workshops in Belgium and France.

We recommend taking the following steps to preserve the timeless beauty of your leather:

  • 将您的Delvaux包袋收纳在搭配的防尘袋中,在包袋内部以薄纸填充以保持包袋形状。

  • 注意请勿在Delvaux包袋中收纳过多物品,否则会永久损坏包袋形状。

  • 避免与油脂、香水以及化妆品接触。

  • 如果皮革沾水,以柔软干净的布轻柔擦干,以免弄脏。

  • 避免直接暴露在阳光或高温下,防止包袋变色。

  • 避免深色衣服接触浅色皮革,以及避免深色皮革接触浅色衣服,否则可能会发生染色。

  • 随着时间的流逝,金属件会出现铜绿。任何金属件都可以用柔软、干燥、无磨蚀性的布轻柔擦拭干净。

  • 请不要在您的Delvaux包袋上使用Delvaux “First Care”系列,它不适合保养此类皮革。

How to use Delvaux’s ‘First Care’ range:

Please follow the instructions and video below carefully:

1. Begin by spreading a small amount of cleaning lotion on the cloth provided and rub it into the bottom of your bag.

2. Leave the lotion for ten minutes, then wipe clean with a cloth.

3. Continue rubbing the lotion over the rest of the leather, making sure to avoid the bag’s interior. Use sweeping, circular movements to ensure the lotion is evenly distributed across the bag’s exterior.

4. Leave for ten minutes, then again, wipe with a clean cloth. Go over any areas where the lotion has not been fully absorbed.

5. Restore shine by buffing the leather with the glove provided, or using a very soft cloth. Leave to dry for 30-60 minutes.

6. To finish, use the cloth dedicated to the accessory. Shake it before use to remove any dust and then gently rub your accessory with the clean cloth.


Leather Care Kit

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If your Delvaux gets stained or damaged in any way, do not attempt to repair it yourself. Simply bring it to one of our boutiques or contact our Customer Support.

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