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How to care for…


Embroidery is the complex art of creating textured, decorative designs with delicate needlework. Using metallic thread, pearls, rhinestones, sequins, beads, feathers, leather flowers and more, complex and breathtakingly beautiful patterns and motifs are crafted to stunning effect.

Care instructions

Your Delvaux has been entirely embroidered by hand. Crafted by the world’s best embroiderers from Haute Couture, they use their skill and savoir-faire to create unique masterpieces.

To preserve the timeless beauty of your embroidery, we recommend taking the following steps:

  • First of all, if your Delvaux should be damaged in any way, please take it to one of our boutiques or contact our customer support.

  • Avoid contact with all embroidered embellishments as far as possible when using and handling your Delvaux.

  • To preserve your embroidery, avoid prolonged exposure to direct light, heat or humidity.

  • To remove any dust from your embroidery, use gentle strokes with a soft, clean brush.

  • Be careful not to crush or flatten the embroidery, especially when storing your Delvaux.

  • The metal hardware will develop a patina over time. Any metal pieces can be cleaned by gently rubbing with a soft, dry, non-abrasive cloth.

  • Do not use Delvaux's 'First Care' range on embroideries.


Should your Delvaux be stained or damaged in any way, please do not try to repair it yourself. Simply take it to one of our boutiques or contact our customer support.

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