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Midnight Road

An ode to the midnight road, this collection packs all the pleasure of a night ride in a curated selection of iconics. Find your favourites adorned with racing car details in the form of tiny perforations and shades reminiscent of the track. Are you ready to take the road?

Taken from the track

As a Delvaux lover, you like to go off the beaten track. Yet here we are, inviting you on the track. In a humble homage to racing cars and their fine leather interior, we’ve carefully placed a series of perforations in the So Cool MM, Cool Box Mini and Pin Mini Bucket. Put together, the punctures spell out Delvaux in a touch of pointillism. But it just as well spells out our artisan’s touch for refinement.

Eye-catching colours

A sanguine, fiery red, and a muted green to soothe it. This season, we’re painting the town red—and British Green. Aptly baptised Fire, our new shade of red comes with tone-on-tone stitching and edge paints. The British Green on the other hand feels regal as ever, whether you prefer your bags and leather goods with matching stitching or a contrasting white.